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Harvest Time

Bruce busy with the grapes

Each year at harvest time, Annie & Bruce head out into the vineyard and pick. They are accompanied by their lovely friends Rita & Bent who come from Denmark each year to visit their family, and to stay with Annie & Bruce. 

Harvest is all done by hand on our slightly sloped vineyard. And with that, this crew collect in and around 30 tonnes of fruit each year. You can be sure there is a strict morning tea at 10a.m. each day of vintage, where goodies are consumed to fuel them for rest of the days picking. 

All grapes are carted to the winery where Bruce gets busy crushing & pressing. At any point during harvest, you can come along and see all the action. One of Annie's favourite things to do is show customers fermenting wines, as it is always interesting to see that part of the process. The winery space becomes a large Tetris game of shifting tanks, working the press, moving bins full of grapes and switching over hoses. 

Of the 9 varieties that are planted on site, some are blends but most are made into straight varietal wines. Ringer Reef wines cover a large range of flavours on the palate, and has a perse range available for a relatively small vineyard. 

Pruning is done after vintage is finished and when all the wines "are put to bed". Annie & Bruce do this together and work their way through the vineyard. They mainly only work on sunny days though. The beauty of being the bosses! The sheep help keep the grass down so they too do their part. 

Bottling & labelling also happen onsite so every step of the way the process is handled directly by Bruce and Annie.